Apr 8 2020


As an Australian household staple, eggs are an important source of nutrition for the vast majority of people. While egg farmers supply a safe, clean,…

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Mar 15 2020


    From learning to not rinse your pasta after draining, to using a bowl for your rubbish., you Read the whole recipe first If you’re…

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Dec 23 2019

Your guide to buying seafood

I am often asked about seafood – where do I buy it from and what do I buy. First things first. Like all food, not…

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Nov 21 2019

The real issue of Uber Eats and Take away food

The real health issues of Uber Eats and take away foods. Australia’s shocking food delivery bill revealed by new research AUSSIES have a growing obsession…

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Dec 9 2014

St Kilda news 3004 Summer edition 2014/2015

“Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education”Mark Twain Cauliflowers are at their best and have been for some time,one of my very favorite…

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Dec 9 2014

St Kilda news 3004 spring edition 2014

Spring has finally arrived and lamb is at its best. Not usually being a lamb fan I discovered this superb Malaysian lamb curry dish using…

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Aug 8 2014

I have just rediscovered quail eggs

at my egg supplier at the Vic markets Quail eggs are packed with vitamins and minerals. Even with their small size, their nutritional value is…

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Jun 24 2014

A simply delicious autumn soup filled with seasonal vegetables

As we are on our way to winter we are thinking about something warm for lunch or a starter for dinner. This wonderfully  light soup…

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Jun 21 2014

St Kilda News 3004 winter edition 2014 Culinary Corner by Chris Koehn

Did you know that soup is considered to be one of the first fast foods? It’s true! The history of soup is closely intertwined with…

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Mar 28 2014

St Kilda News 3004 autumn edition Culinary Corner by Chris Koehn

Autumn is almost upon us the days are getting shorter and its slighter cooler with still wonderful Melbourne autumn weather. We are now starting to…

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