Your nutritional requirements

I am often asked to cater for various dietary requirements,and believe that having having specific nutritional needs should not prevent you from enjoying delicious wholesome meals to suit your needs.

Gluten Free

Many people experience a range of gut problems caused by gluten-a range of proteins found in wheat,barley,rye,and in some cases oats.This may be caused by a general sensitivity to gluten, coeliac  disease or to a wheat allergy.

Lactose free

People that are lactose intolerant have difficulty absorbing and digesting lactose,a type of sugar found in milk,The condition can be unpleasant but is not generally considered serious,and avoiding dairy products will help minimise symptoms.


The low FODMAP diet,or a diet low in fermentable carbs,is used as a treatment for irritable bowel syndrome(IBS)and other digestive complaints.A recent study has shown that the low FODMAP diet  helped to improve symptoms for up to 75% of patients..


As people become more conscious of their health and the impact of their lifestyle on the environment,they are embracing a plant based lifestyle.Vegetarian dishes are now even more popular and we know that there is no need to compromise on nutrition and flavour.


This way of eating emerged more than a decade ago,and is based on the philosophy that consuming more protein and vegetables and fewer grains-a diet that resembles what our hunter gatherer ancestors may have eaten-which is much healthier than today’s processed food.




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