Personal Chef

My name is Chris Koehn and I am a personal chef based in Melbourne. I am a passionate cook and enjoy preparing  healthy meals with quality ingredients for my clients.

I specialise in menu planning, shopping, and offer a cookware advisory service for all my clients across Melbourne. My service also includes private catering and holiday cooking.


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I am a trained chef, I am passionate about food and I love educating others in my community to cook and prepare healthy food for a healthy lifestyle, and have a passion  for delicious fresh ingredients. I love the commonality of food and how it encourages people to come together.

My  clients who regularly use my service say it makes their lives easier  and they love coming home to the  delicious aroma of home cooked food that they just need to heat and serve  to their family.

I would love to work with you also to make your life less stressful and make more time for family and friends.

Why My Home Chef is different from the rest?

Only grass fed beef

Only free-range chicken

Catering for specialised dietary requirements

Fodmap, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian & Paleo meals on request

No pre-packaged food

No preservatives

No shopping

No cleaning

No wastage

No set menu

Imagine having a personal chef to shop and prepare delicious and healthy meals for you and your family. Well you can. My name is Chris Koehn and I am a personal chef based in Melbourne. I am a passionate cook and love preparing healthy meals with quality ingredients.

I specialise in meal planning, shopping, preparing and cooking delicious meals for my clients all across Melbourne.

Whether you are a busy professional, working mother or just looking for an alternative to break the costly and unhealthy cycle of takeaway foods, I can help. My confidential service provides healthy meals cooked to your taste and requirements, all within your own kitchen.

This service is about more than food. It’s about stress reduction and enhancing the quality of your life. ‘Call it a taste of freedom!’

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