Below you will find testimonials from some very satisfied clients of Chris’ home chef services.

“Chris was our culinary saviour during a very busy time in our lives, preparing healthy organic meals to nourish our family. Passionate and professional, Chris was always a delight and her food absolutely delicious.”

Sara, Malvern

“My husband and I both run a business full time and have 3 young children. The evenings were always stressful and finding time to prepare meals for my family was impossible. Chris has changed our lives!

Arriving home at 6pm with 3 hungry children and having delicious healthy meals prepared by Chris has taken the stress out of the evenings. Chris will do the weekly fruit and veg shop and will also buy meat from her recommended butcher. She plans a menu on a weekly basis and will also cook extra to freeze.

We love Chris’ cooking……the kids have become more adventurous with their eating habits and instead of me having to go to the supermarket at the last minute or pick up takeaway, my husband and I are now able to enjoy lovely home cooked meals prepared by a wonderful cook, I now have more time to spend with the kids and I am not as stressed or angry when my husband arrives home from work late.

I recently went away on school holidays with my family and took lots of Chris’ pre-cooked meals with me that I defrosted. It gave me more time with my family and made my vacation easy as I did not have to shop for food.

I can recommend Chris Koehn without any hesitation.”

Kathy, Prahran

“Chris is a fantastic cook; she is more than willing to establish what your family likes to eat and structure her menu around those requirements. The food is delicious. Even the most regular dish has a special ingredient that makes all the difference. Chris’ Lasagna and pumpkin and chickpea soup are divine.

I am happy to recommend Chris to anyone who would like healthy delicious meals cooked in their home.”

K.R. Windsor

“Chris’ home cooking service is fantastic! She helped us out during a very busy time in our lives, where we had been relying on takeaway which was just not healthy.

When we discovered her services we knew that she was what we needed! We loved that she consulted with us on recipes, purchased everything, then came and cooked it.

We would come home and the house smelt so welcoming and then we would grab a spoon and start tasting everything, trying to choose our favourite from the smorgasbord that Chris had left for us.

It was such a relief to know that there was always something in the freezer that we could take out and eat for dinner-and better yet, it was cooked with love and was so delicious.

We would recommend Chris without hesitation. She is very trustworthy, honest and provides an amazing service for busy people.”

Peta-Gai & Kellie

“I called Chris when I needed some post-surgery R and R. She came in with armloads of lovely fresh goodies, cooked up a storm and left us with a fridge full of the most delicious and nutritious meals. It was a treat. She loves to cook and it shows. But she is also great to have around. I would recommend her and her cooking to anyone, anywhere, anytime!”

Peter Couchman

“We found Chris’ in-home cooking service through a ‘Google’ search in late December 2011 in preparation for our New Years’ resolution of eating better, and of course, losing weight…

… Both being in demanding jobs, we realised we had little chance (or to be honest, inclination) to prepare healthy meals at home. We knew after a short period we would ultimately return to take-away or unsatisfying microwave dinners.

Chris’ timely and professional response got us on track straight away. She came over to our home during the Christmas break and went through various options and menus. From there we agreed an in-home cooking service every third week would best accommodate our lifestyle, allowing us to eat healthy meals at home while still enjoying dinner out on the weekend.

For the first few sessions, we sent Chris our menu plan, we soon got on to favourites and these would sneak into most menu plans, despite there being a wealth of other options on Chris’ menu….. Recognising this, and knowing we were not maximising her talents, Chris offered to provide tailored menu suggestions for us.

Given Chris’ understanding of food and our tastes and goals, the meals she recommends are spot on, and her cooking is second to none!

Every third Tuesday we come home to healthy, balanced, seasonally adjusted, not to mention DELICIOUS meals.

After a long day at work, not having to think about what to cook, and going to the shops to make it happen, and then having to clean up afterwards has made our lives a lot easier and healthier – the biggest issue is choosing which to eat first!

Top recommendation at the moment (being winter) is Chris’ chicken soup (which of course is made from scratch), or maybe the Moroccan beef…… I can’t decide!”

S & C, Richmond

“My husband and I both work long and irregular hours and neither of us enjoys cooking. We like to eat fresh, healthy food, but were finding we were spending heaps on convenient, high priced supermarket food, up to 3-4 times per week. Our decision to hire the services of Chris has been the best decision we could have made. Every few weeks we bound up our hallway with delight to see what delicacies Chris has prepared for us! Chris’ meals meet our dietary requirements (low fat + vegetarian) and she leaves our kitchen clean and tidy, not to mention smelling like a restaurant! The money we spend on this personalised service without a doubt is less than what we would typically spend at the supermarket, not to mention takeaway.

I can highly recommend Chris as a great chef who I trust in my home. Her food is delicious and she has a great array of recipes up her sleeve. My husband and I don’t know how we manage without her.”

Sally, Melbourne

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