The real issue of Uber Eats and Take away food

The real health issues of Uber Eats and take away foods.

Australia’s shocking food delivery bill revealed by new research

AUSSIES have a growing obsession that’s costing a fortune. But, while we may be swayed to cut back, this is one addiction we refuse to stop.

 IT’S tough to face the kitchen after a long day at work — but our addiction to food delivery is seriously adding up.

New research from comparison site has found Australians are spending an incredible $2.6 billion each year on food and drink delivery through companies such as Menulog, UberEats, Deliveroo and Foodora.

The survey found around one-third of adults living in capital cities are food delivery users, with online food delivery services now worth 12 per cent of sales of the lucrative $44.1 billion cafe, restaurant and takeaway food services industry.

It hasn’t taken long for the addiction to take hold, with takeaway food sales growing by a staggering 18 per cent in just three years according to the

Australian Bureau of Statistics, compared to a 15 per cent growth in the same period for clothing and footwear, and a 10 per cent jump for supermarket and grocery spends.

Finder’s money expert Bessie Hassan said 68 million online food orders were made in the country each year, amounting to 7000 every hour.

“Aussies who order through Menulog, UberEats, Deliveroo and Foodora are ordering food delivery almost once a week,” she said.

“Australian households spend around $12,300 a year on food and non-alcoholic drinks, however that’s getting easier and easier with more restaurants happy to deliver to your front door.

“While it may be tempting to regularly order from a food delivery service, remember you’re paying for the convenience.”

Treat food delivery as a luxury, and not a habit.

the research found the average food order was $37.50,Australians spend around 1/3 of their weekly food budget on food delivery or eating out.

In the past 2 years I have had a notable increase in inquiries from people that have health problems, due to unhealthy eating.

Many of them use a delivery food service at least once or twice a week.


What are the cons with food prepared outside your home ?

Because most meals are made on such a large scale, you are unable to pick and choose want you would like to eat each day.

Consumers do not know much about the food provided and if it is better or healthier?

These foods are often high in saturated fats, added salt, and sugars.

They also tend to be low in dietary fibre and other nutrients.

Do you know the quality of ingredients used in your food?

Of course not you have no control, especially food prepared in bulk.

High consumption of these foods may contribute to obesity, and chronic disease such as heart disease and stroke, type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer.

Additives in food

Food additives are generally used to prolong shelf life or to enhance colour, flavor or texture, adverse reactions to food additives occur in a proportion of the population

You do not know what is in your food

The best thing about making food at home is that you know exactly what is in your meal. This is beneficial to people who watch what they eat or have food allergies. When ordering food, you probably have an idea of what kind of ingredients are used to make your meal, but you can never be one hundred percent sure.

Not knowing what is used in your meal can also make it difficult to track calories, especially because it isn’t measured. Chefs will use usually use butter when frying something in a pan, but you may never know because it’s melted and you can’t see it. One tablespoon of butter is around 102 calories. That’s a lot of calories for something that melts and used to season your food!


Unaware of Restaurant’s Cleanliness

A disadvantage of ordering food is that you have no idea how clean the restaurant you are ordering from is. There are times you walk into a restaurant, intending to eat there until you notice the place doesn’t look very sanitary. So, you decide to leave.

When ordering food, you never step into the restaurant so you don’t have a feel for the kind of sanitary conditions it may be in. Of course, the country has a food and health code that restaurants must follow, but not everyone follows them to the T.


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